Ancestry & Kids

Some of us were extremely fortunate to have our Grandparents pass down stories of family history and life "on the mountain." Or Parents that always had a story to share about life on the farm or in the mill.

Teaching kids is our passion!

As part of our services, we offer continuing education ancestry courses to middle and high school kids that help them explore local history, their family tree along with US History, WWI and WWII.

​Contact us for help with your American Heritage Girls, Trailblazers, Scouts, Campfire badge requirements/quests. We have worksheets and ideas that have successfully guided many troops to completion. We would love to help!

Our educational services are at drastically reduced rates as part of our commitment to share our love of the ancestry.

Contact us today for full details. We can customize a curriculum and suggest add-on activities to keep your students fully engaged.