Professional Genealogy Services

We offer a free, no obligation, one hour consultation to best determine your family history search needs for our Full Genealogy Services. We feel that after this consultation, we will be better able to understand where we can best help with your search while providing you efficient use of time and funds.

We recommend DNA Testing through a separate company. We do not provide DNA testing but can guide you through the process. There are several uses for DNA testing that can turn brick walls into breakthroughs. Ask us for details.

To start the process of contracting through us, a formal Letter of Agreement must be executed so that all parties understand what is expected. Each client and their project is unique and, as such, each Agreement is unique. There are some similarities for all agreements:

  • ​Most projects require a retainer.

  • A retainer of $500 ($50/hr x 10 hours) is required, in advance, although based on service required, most retainers can be reduced with some exclusions.

  • The retainer will be used to review past research provided by client as well as new research and review.

  • Travel, document charges, copies, etc are charged separately and at cost. Mileage is charged at current government mandated fees.

  • Once the initial retainer fee is exhausted, additional research hours occurs in blocks of five hours, minimum, at $50 per hour.

  • ​There is no way to verify a conclusion date.

Ancestry Road Trip Planning Services

Once you have your Ancestor's Locations, our staff completes an Ancestry Road Trip for you to follow and walk in the steps of your Ancestors. We take your Ancestor's History, based off of qualified and documented source data, to plan your Ancestry Road Trip to include locations where your Ancestors lived, Museums and Activities of Interest related to your Ancestors, Places to Stay and Unique Drives to get there to explore.

This unique Road Trip is a one of kind Vacation. No cookie cutters! Each Ancestry Road Trip is specifically planned just for you and no one else and it's all based on YOUR Ancestors. This service is currently only available in the U.S.

Contact Us Today for specific pricing details. Since each Ancestry Road Trip is specific to your history, prices vary. Most Ancestry Road Trip Plan starts at $75* .

* Price is based on the client providing Ancestry Roads with a complete and qualified documented Ancestor Tree. If Research is required to discover who your Ancestor is, please start with our Professional Genealogy Services.