Webcasts on Appalachian People and their Stories.

Documenting Appalachia one story at a time.  Each Webcast we introduce you to a special guest as they unravel what Appalachia means to them.  

It could be their work, their family, their home, or their heritage.  Appalachia is our heart and soul and it is our passion to document it one guest at a time.   

Our goal is to change the narrative about Appalachia one story at a time.  

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How do you obtain Black Lung Benefits?  How long does it take to receive them?

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Black Lung in                         Appalachian Coal Miners

What it is & Is it Treatable.

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Mountaintop Removal

History & Impacts

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Planting by the Signs explained!

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Researching your Kentucky Ancestors

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Share the joy of celebrating Appalachian Artisans as the Appalachian Artisan Center rebuilds from the flood of 2022.

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The Stories and Traditions of Appalachian Women

Airing of the Quilts

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Foxfire brings us the Stories of Appalachian Women.

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Mining In Appalachia

Topics to include:

June 22nd, 2023

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July 1st, 2023

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Professional Genealogy Services

We provide Professional Genealogical Services on a case-by-case basis.   Contact us for details.

Our Professional Genealogical Services provide accurate and detailed reports on Your Ancestors, Your Quests, Your Brick Walls.  We excel in researching Unknown Parentage/Adoption using DNA Research and US Based Research.

We provide an Ancestor History to our guests to complete their story.

Sandy Patak - Webcaster

Appalachia.   When the word comes up in conversation with those not from Appalachia, I usually get asked if that is "The Trail".   No.  Most of the time, I also get asked if Appalachia is a real place or just a distinction of where Hillbillies come from (as if to say that Hillbillies are some mythical creature similar to how Fairies are defined in Scotland).  Yes.  Appalachia is a real "place".   Yes, there are Hillbillies too.

I started Ancestry Roads a long time ago as the place for my Professional Genealogical business.   During 2019, two things became quite evident:  Professional Genealogy is slowly winding down to the "Ancestry Arm Chair Genealogists" and at the same time Appalachia is under attack from the Media, Hollywood, Politicians, and even Professional Genealogists.  I could not stand by and let Appalachia continue to be attacked.

So, in 2022, I made the decision to close the Professional Genealogy part of my business (except for Adoption Angels which I will always do) and focus on something so dear to me:  Appalachia and Appalachians.   I want to Change the Narrative of Appalachia and Appalachians by sharing their stories, one at a time.

 The birth of the Ancestry Roads Webcast.  

All of our guests are never paid to appear on the Webcast.  

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