2023 List of Episodes

Webcast Series

Mining In Appalachia

Topics to include:

Day in a Life: WV Coal Miner

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Join Bob as he discusses the changes in Coal Mining for our Day In a Life Series: WV Coal Miner.

From old school Coal Miner to Newer Technology, Bob has witnessed it all through the years.

Growing Up in a Company Coal Town

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Growing up in a Company Coal Town:  Itmann, West Virginia

As a child moving into Itmann while his father worked the nearby mines.

Black Lung Series Continued

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How do you obtain Black Lung Benefits?  How long does it take to receive them?

What legal rights do Coal Miners with Black Lung have?

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Black Lung in                         Appalachian Coal Miners

What it is & Is it Treatable.

Are we providing a Safe Working Environment to Coal Miners?

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Mountaintop Removal

History & Impacts

Discussion on Environmental & Process of Coal Mining. 

Webcast Episodes

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Mountaineer Military Museum

Join us as we talk with Barbara about the museum, her and Ron's dedication to all of those in West Virginia that served our Country, and how you can help their efforts.

Nov 16th, 2023 at 4pm

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Hillbilly Highway

Max Fraser, Author of Hillbilly Highway, the Transappalachian Migration and the making of a White Working Class., joins us for a discussion on this largely untold story and the effects it caused.

Point Mountain Girls

Join Edie, Harriett, and Dottie as they talk about growing up in Appalachia after the Depression on Point Mountain, West Virginia

Coming Soon! 

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Kentucky and It's Kin

Rusty Heckaman, Archivist for the State of Kentucky joins us to discuss the Kentucky Genealogical Society's latest book provides guidance and information in this publication provides a wealth of records found in the Kentucky archives. 

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Heartsick and Astonished features twenty-seven divorce cases from mid-nineteenth century America. 

These cases provide a captivating window into marital life—and strife—in the border South during the tumultuous years before, during, and after the Civil War. 

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Planting by the Signs explained!

Join us to discuss all things planting!

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Researching your Pioneer & not so Pioneer Kentucky Ancestors.  

Come Celebrate their 50th Anniversary!

Kentucky Genealogical Society

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Appalachian Artisan Center is changing the lives of Appalachians.   After the devastating flood of 2022, AAC is rebuilding and rejoicing.

 Join us as we showcase the Artisans & their craft.

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The Stories and Traditions of Appalachian Women.

A Visit with the Appalachian Women's Museum

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Foxfire brings us the Stories of Appalachian Women.

Narratives from a diverse regional culture held together by the threads that are woven between women and place, and through generations. 

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How did the dominant culinary narrative of the region come into existence and what consequences has that narrative had for people in the mountains? 

Appalachia on the Table

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Visit Ireland, WV

Just in time for St Patricks Day.  

Join us as we visit the "other" Ireland & talk about the Irish Spring Festival.

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Just the Facts on the Norfolk Southern Train Wreck in E Palestine, Ohio.  

What are the Environmental Impacts?

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Why did the WV Teachers Strike in 2018?

When was their last pay raise?  Is another Strike looming?

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Frontier Nurses in Appalachia Kentucky.  

What are the midwives of Frontier University doing today?

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Kentucky Cemetery Preservation

How one family saved their Pioneer Cemetery from Extinction. 

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Is Freemasonry a secret society?

Learn about Freemasons and what they are and are not.

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Through the woods to find Cemeteries.

Discussion on finding family cemeteries that are not on the map in Appalachia.

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Music Videos and a Little Bit of History on Making Music in West Virginia.

West Virginians are Coming Home


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What is a Holler?

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Understanding Appalachian English

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Explore the Geology & Economic differences of Appalachia

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Meet the Singer/Songwriter, Denton King.  Hear the stories behind the songs. (OLDER VERSION)