For Webcast Guests

As a guest of our Webcast, you are probably wondering what to expect and what technology do you need.   We cover all of that and more here:

How we treat our guests

We are not into "shock value" and will not surprise you or intimidate you before, during or after your appearance.  Our Mission Statement is to document past and current lives and stories in Appalachia.  Frankly, we are sick and tired of the way the people of Appalachia are treated by media, news, celebrities, and politicians.  We hope to change the viewpoint of Appalachia and Appalachians by sharing stories of those who live, lived, or experienced it.  We want to document and take a historical view for generations now and in the future to see.

 NO, we are NOT political and will not ask you for your political advice.  We will not get political on our Webcast.  

We Prepare You

We prepare you, in advance, with the questions we hope to cover.  Sometimes, we do not get to all the questions and might ask you to respond to them in writing for a corresponding Blog post or join members of our Discord chat (but that is up to you).  

We prepare Run of Show cards, aka Cue Cards, with timing and provide that to each guest.  We want honest and real discussions and we feel the best way to accomplish that is to be prepared..... and no or little surprises as possible.  No shock value.


You will be able to participate on almost any technology while we live stream or pre-record.   Shortly before each webcast, you will be provided with a link to use to login our specific event.   We are always able to do a test or quick dry run well in advance, if needed.

We use StreamYard to produce our Webcasts.  For complete technical and guest instructions, visit StreamYard's Guest Instructions page and their Requirements page.

Test Run and Webcast Day

We have taken all the technical guesswork out of our Webcasts but if you would like a quick test of your equipment and your smiling face, just let us know and we will set it up for you.

A day or two prior to the Webcast, we will provide you with the official link to join.   Click the link and you are ready!  Yep, it is that easy.

What to Wear and Background

Be comfortable!  Wear your brand.  No hats, please (unless you sit back so we can see your face).   Tip:  Do not sit in a chair with wheels.  It will make you move too much and the webcast will appear "jumpy."

Your background should be neat and tidy and represent you.  If you want to showcase your brand or business, we are great with that.   Remove any letters/envelopes, medicines, personal data, work information/strategies (white boards, etc) or anything identifying your personal address.   Green screens and Virtual Backdrops usually do not work well for our webcasts.  They give off a purple hue and also can cause half of your head to disappear at times.  Actual Backdrops are ok.

Note:   Please try to remove as much background noise as possible during the Webcast (pets, kids, spouses, firetrucks, etc).

Release Form

Yes, there is a release form we ask each guest to sign before we can continue.  Our lawyers make us do it.  The release form is a Google Doc and located here and below


No, we do not pay our guests.  We are small and not planning to buy a yacht off of this experience.   All behind the scenes technology, software, gadgets, and travel are paid by us without an expectation of a sponsor.  

But, hey, if a Sponsor wants to help us out, we would probably not say no.  There are some sponsors that might not fit our brand but otherwise, let's talk!

Ancestry Roads Guest Release

Ancestry Roads - Guest Release Form

Required prior to Webcast